Belize Business Formations

Protect your assets and your privacy.

Belize Business Formations is an established and licensed International Financial Services Provider. We are members of The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and we have partnered with the University of Belize and Just Us Training School to assist students with reaching their goals.

Belize Business Formations, provide a full range of financial services to clientele from across the globe. Our services include but are not limited to: Documentation, Registration and management of IBCsNominee Services, Domestic Incorporations and Opening of Bank Accounts for IBCs.

We are known for our commitment to ensuring that all our clients receive the highest standard of Service available and that the service provided is done in an accurate, confidential, timely, and efficient manner.

International Business Company

In addition to the preparation and registration of these entities, we provide registered office and nominee directors and/or shareholders that maintain the confidentiality and facilitate the processing of transactions.

Accounting Services

On the request of our clients we can also recommend partial or full accounting services, including payment of bills, provision of financial statements and mail forwarding. We work closely with the clients to ensure that their needs are defined and effected to achieve the desired results.

Nominee Services

Our nominee services will allow you to keep the identity of your company directors and shareholders private. When using our nominee services, our nominee director/shareholder can take your place on the public registers, allowing you to protect your details and ensure confidentiality. We provide personalized and confidential services and we stay focused on what is important for our clients.

Bank Account and Credit Card Services

Based on client’s needs we can facilitate the opening of a Bank Account at one of our offshore banks.

Belize Business Formations is:

  • Member of The Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Member of The American Chamber of Commerce of Belize
  • International Network
  • Operated by mindreframing ltd
  • Deals with a range of financial services